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Can love happen twice???


Not everyone in this world has the fate to cherish the fullest form of Love. Some are born , just to experience the abbreviation of it….. 😦 

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All alone….


I was oneself,

U walked in my life.

My world was unfilled,

U made it spirited.

I was a morose,

U became my happiness.

I had endless dreams,

U turned those true.

But now, u are the reason of my grieve,

And hold guilt for my tears.

When I just longed for u alone,

U deserted me all alone…… 😦 

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I too had a love story :(


Days pass by somehow

But nights now are a wagon of pain

Injuries may heal with time

But marks will always remain

Restless on my comfortable bed

I toss and turn and try to sleep

But thoughts are bulking my head

And have formed a huge heap

The past is flashing its scorching light beams

Tearing me apart, breaking me at the seams

The darkness of my life is more visible in the dark

And now am trying to give it a voice ,trying to speak my heart…… 😦


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Thought of suicide…..


Its all about misfortunes,

And varied complicated issues.

We can never asses,

The criticality of Life’s mess.


Expectations are undying,

and miseries are enduring.

Problems are unsolved,

Questions are unanswered.


None consent our perception,

And care for our elation.

Everyone poke in our life,

And fill it with their type.


To get rid off all these,

Thought of suicide

Will finally suffice…… 😦 😦 😦 

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If a girl cries ….


A Girl Wont Cry Easily

Except in Front of The Person

Who She Love The Most

She Becomes Weak 😦


-A Girl Wont Cry Easily

Only When She Love You The Most

She Put Down Her Ego


-If a Girl Cries Bcoz of You

Hold Her Hands Firmly

She’s The one Who Would Stay With You

For The Rest of Your Life


-If a Girl Cries Bcoz of You

Don’t Give Her Up

Maybe Bcoz of Your Decision

You Ruin Her Life 😦


-She Cries Not Because She is Weak

She Cries Not Bcoz She Wanna Sympathy or Pity

She Cries Because

Crying Silently is No Longer Possible:(

The Pain, Hurt N Agony Have BecomeToo Big

A Burden To Be Kept Inside 😥


-If a Girl Cries Her Heart Out To You

And All Because of You

Its Time To Look Back on What You Have Done

Only You Will Know The Answer To it:)



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A weird feeling…


A feel of loneliness,

Even when I am with friends.

A feel of stillness,

Even when the world around is engaged.

A feel of disregard,

Even when I am acknowledged.

A feel of agony,

In spite of well being.

A feel of disorientation,

In spite of everything superbly designed.


Work has been constantly pressurizing my stress levels to such an extent that, I hardly find any time. It’s been more than 45 days since I have updated any post in blog. It’s not the matter of blog alone. It’s about many a things around. One such important stuff is “not finding time for myself”. A feel of loneliness has made me mad. From now on, i will for sure make out time for myself even if i am busy with other mess around…. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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No idea what to say…..


I care 4 u in my own way, maybe u will never know, maybe I will never show…..

Life is pretty small. We never know whom we meet and from whom we part off. The person whom we consider to be close, might leave us cos of silly argument or may never consider us to be close enough to share their heart core secrets. In any relation, love, trust, affection, caring and understanding words are not just a cluster of alphabets clubbed together. They add value and in fact LIFE to a relation. They make the relation beautiful and meaningful.

We might have many friends, but still we don’t hesitate in sharing a sweet bond of friendship with new people around us.  No matter our friend list may be too lengthy with lot many names, but still we shower ample of love for each one and every person is treated in a unique fashion from others.

In spite of doing all this, why do we still quarrel repeatedly with our dear ones? Is possessiveness the only reason behind this??? We always want that person whom we consider to be close to our heart to reflect the same feelings for us in return. And when we think it’s missing, we get disappointed and frustrated. This leads to a bigggggggggggggg argument and ends up with the sentence of “who is more important to u???”.  At that point of time, we become numb.

The fact is, we value our friends. Have enough space for each one in our heart and special space for very few of them. Sometimes we can never express our liking for a person, can never say how valuable he/she is to us. We care for them in our own way, may be they will never know, and we can never show…..

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Gentle touch… :)


Do we really have a family? How many of us are deprived of it? Mom, dad, siblings alone don’t symbolize the word “FAMILY”. Family is a blend of parents, as well as grand parents staying together and experiencing the sweetness of completeness.

Now days, we seldom see our grandparents with us. In 50% of the cases they are literally expelled from house and thrown in old age homes. For rest 40%, there are no one to care for them. No matter they eat or weep. They are abandoned or considered as separate species in the house. Have u ever considered the pain your parents had faced and challenges they had come across in your up bringing? They tried their best to make u a better citizen and good human, worked hard their entire life for your bright future and everlasting happiness. They are your well wishers and prime amongst all who care for your progression.

Never let the thought of deserting them creep into your mind. At such an elderly age, they only crave for your care and your love for them turns them on.

Hearty smile,

Care for a while,

And a gentle touch is what they need…. 🙂 🙂 🙂



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Life goes on… :)


When god blesses u with luck,

Or destiny curses u with a kick,

Life goes on…

When you r nicked by your foe,

Or betrayed by your friend,

Life goes on…

When you are shattered,

Or showered with surprises,

Life goes on…

At your hardest hard time,

Or at bests of best,

Life goes on… 

No moment is stagnant,

No pain is permanent.

Enjoy and welcome life as it approaches u

As no matter what happens with you,

And what you are up to,

Life goes on and on and on and on…… 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Day out :)


After a very long gap of an year, we had outing filled with joy and fun… 🙂 This time it was not for 12 hrs, but a drastic cut short to 6hrs.  Had many games, dazzling dances, amazing songs sung by folks (which i haven’t took part in any) and finally followed by delicious dinner 😉  All together, it was a perfect day out which i was longing since many a days… 🙂 🙂 🙂


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