Gentle touch… :)


Do we really have a family? How many of us are deprived of it? Mom, dad, siblings alone don’t symbolize the word “FAMILY”. Family is a blend of parents, as well as grand parents staying together and experiencing the sweetness of completeness.

Now days, we seldom see our grandparents with us. In 50% of the cases they are literally expelled from house and thrown in old age homes. For rest 40%, there are no one to care for them. No matter they eat or weep. They are abandoned or considered as separate species in the house. Have u ever considered the pain your parents had faced and challenges they had come across in your up bringing? They tried their best to make u a better citizen and good human, worked hard their entire life for your bright future and everlasting happiness. They are your well wishers and prime amongst all who care for your progression.

Never let the thought of deserting them creep into your mind. At such an elderly age, they only crave for your care and your love for them turns them on.

Hearty smile,

Care for a while,

And a gentle touch is what they need…. 🙂 🙂 🙂



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