No idea what to say…..


I care 4 u in my own way, maybe u will never know, maybe I will never show…..

Life is pretty small. We never know whom we meet and from whom we part off. The person whom we consider to be close, might leave us cos of silly argument or may never consider us to be close enough to share their heart core secrets. In any relation, love, trust, affection, caring and understanding words are not just a cluster of alphabets clubbed together. They add value and in fact LIFE to a relation. They make the relation beautiful and meaningful.

We might have many friends, but still we don’t hesitate in sharing a sweet bond of friendship with new people around us.  No matter our friend list may be too lengthy with lot many names, but still we shower ample of love for each one and every person is treated in a unique fashion from others.

In spite of doing all this, why do we still quarrel repeatedly with our dear ones? Is possessiveness the only reason behind this??? We always want that person whom we consider to be close to our heart to reflect the same feelings for us in return. And when we think it’s missing, we get disappointed and frustrated. This leads to a bigggggggggggggg argument and ends up with the sentence of “who is more important to u???”.  At that point of time, we become numb.

The fact is, we value our friends. Have enough space for each one in our heart and special space for very few of them. Sometimes we can never express our liking for a person, can never say how valuable he/she is to us. We care for them in our own way, may be they will never know, and we can never show…..

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