This is what she needs :)


She needs those fingers, 

Which wipes off her tears.

She needs a shoulder,

Where her dreams are welcomed.

She needs a smile,

Which turns her on.

She needs a warm hug,

Where she feels secured.

She needs such words,

Which soothes her.

She needs a hand,

Which hold her tightly when the rest abandon.

She needs those lips,

Which pray for her silently every second.

She needs a heart,

Which understands the pain in her silence.She needs a person,

Who laughs aloud at her silly jokes;

Who can do anything for the curve on her lips;

Who can wait his whole life, just to see her for a moment;

And who can go against the world, to be with her his entire life ……    🙂


Little care-affection-understanding-love,

This is what she needs…….  🙂 🙂 🙂




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