All alone….


I was oneself,

U walked in my life.

My world was unfilled,

U made it spirited.

I was a morose,

U became my happiness.

I had endless dreams,

U turned those true.

But now, u are the reason of my grieve,

And hold guilt for my tears.

When I just longed for u alone,

U deserted me all alone…… 😦 

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If a girl cries ….


A Girl Wont Cry Easily

Except in Front of The Person

Who She Love The Most

She Becomes Weak 😦


-A Girl Wont Cry Easily

Only When She Love You The Most

She Put Down Her Ego


-If a Girl Cries Bcoz of You

Hold Her Hands Firmly

She’s The one Who Would Stay With You

For The Rest of Your Life


-If a Girl Cries Bcoz of You

Don’t Give Her Up

Maybe Bcoz of Your Decision

You Ruin Her Life 😦


-She Cries Not Because She is Weak

She Cries Not Bcoz She Wanna Sympathy or Pity

She Cries Because

Crying Silently is No Longer Possible:(

The Pain, Hurt N Agony Have BecomeToo Big

A Burden To Be Kept Inside 😥


-If a Girl Cries Her Heart Out To You

And All Because of You

Its Time To Look Back on What You Have Done

Only You Will Know The Answer To it:)



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A weird feeling…


A feel of loneliness,

Even when I am with friends.

A feel of stillness,

Even when the world around is engaged.

A feel of disregard,

Even when I am acknowledged.

A feel of agony,

In spite of well being.

A feel of disorientation,

In spite of everything superbly designed.


Work has been constantly pressurizing my stress levels to such an extent that, I hardly find any time. It’s been more than 45 days since I have updated any post in blog. It’s not the matter of blog alone. It’s about many a things around. One such important stuff is “not finding time for myself”. A feel of loneliness has made me mad. From now on, i will for sure make out time for myself even if i am busy with other mess around…. 🙂 🙂 🙂


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Life goes on… :)


When god blesses u with luck,

Or destiny curses u with a kick,

Life goes on…

When you r nicked by your foe,

Or betrayed by your friend,

Life goes on…

When you are shattered,

Or showered with surprises,

Life goes on…

At your hardest hard time,

Or at bests of best,

Life goes on… 

No moment is stagnant,

No pain is permanent.

Enjoy and welcome life as it approaches u

As no matter what happens with you,

And what you are up to,

Life goes on and on and on and on…… 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Day out :)


After a very long gap of an year, we had outing filled with joy and fun… 🙂 This time it was not for 12 hrs, but a drastic cut short to 6hrs.  Had many games, dazzling dances, amazing songs sung by folks (which i haven’t took part in any) and finally followed by delicious dinner 😉  All together, it was a perfect day out which i was longing since many a days… 🙂 🙂 🙂


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Twenty-Twelve :)


2011 was not that bad neither too good. Many new relations had sprouted, explored new places, bought many stuff, hanged out with friends and enjoyed life to fullest. At the same time, had misunderstandings with my closest buddies. Unknowingly a dark layer of attitude and ego have coated our “friendship” 😦 Apart from personal life, professionally I had become very busy with office work 😦 Couldn’t even post much in blog. I wish this new year brings loads of luck in my life as well as for my friends. It would be charming and much more exciting then the year before 🙂 🙂 🙂


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RIP kunal :(


It’s truly unbelievable 😦 Never imagined I would witness this day. Sudden death of a dear friend would pinch you very badly. Life is all about expecting the unexpected. Kunal was so jovial and good at heart. Sudden heart stroke has expelled him from this world of ours 😦 I am unable to put more than this 😦 Rest in peace Kunal. My heart filled condolences to his family. 😦


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My Birthday – 2011 :)


This birthday as usual was lovely and full of surprises…. 🙂 Got wonderful gifts (Watch and Goggles). Thanks one and all for ur greetings. It added fabulous flavors to my day.  🙂 🙂 🙂 Not to forget that yummy cake which was really awesome 🙂



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Feel of freshness :)


Those were the days,

Which were exotic.

Delighted to know the plebeians,

Who are truly deific 🙂

Had been inured,

At one season of my life.

Totally mystified,

And at Strife 😦

Days in calendar regenerated,

Which Repelled off dark memories.

Finally relieved,

And High on swings 🙂

Feeling of freshness

Has showered again.

Warding off awful individuals,

Who are totally insane.

I obligate those

Who stood by me.

They are only masses

Who never ever disown me 🙂 🙂 🙂


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Wintry weather….. lovely feeling… :)


These days I am tied up with hectic schedule. Got tons to do. So, couldn’t allot time for blog. I missed posting stuff and receiving comments from my pals.

This morning, when I slowly-unwillingly opened my eyes, I noticed it was already 8 am. I didn’t knew what to do…. Every day I get ready by 8 and wait for the cab to pick me at my house. I quickly got rid of my sleepy mood and jumped off bed.  Oh god… how silly am I…. I couldn’t control my laughter at my brainless behavior. Ha ha ha ha ha…. It’s Saturday today and off. 😉 🙂

It was raining at my place. Unseasoned rain. Loved it…. Climate was simply amazing and wintry. I stretched my hand out of the window. In no time my palm was filled with almost a million tiny droplets. Spherical, cubical, hexagonal and almost all shapes and sizes of pearls…. They appeared so. As soon as those rain drops landed on my palm, there was a sharp frost running my nerves.

Wish it drizzles daily this way and its off for work every day….. 😉  😛




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