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Do we really have a family? How many of us are deprived of it? Mom, dad, siblings alone don’t symbolize the word “FAMILY”. Family is a blend of parents, as well as grand parents staying together and experiencing the sweetness of completeness.

Now days, we seldom see our grandparents with us. In 50% of the cases they are literally expelled from house and thrown in old age homes. For rest 40%, there are no one to care for them. No matter they eat or weep. They are abandoned or considered as separate species in the house. Have u ever considered the pain your parents had faced and challenges they had come across in your up bringing? They tried their best to make u a better citizen and good human, worked hard their entire life for your bright future and everlasting happiness. They are your well wishers and prime amongst all who care for your progression.

Never let the thought of deserting them creep into your mind. At such an elderly age, they only crave for your care and your love for them turns them on.

Hearty smile,

Care for a while,

And a gentle touch is what they need…. 🙂 🙂 🙂



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Do realize the importance of LIFE…….

A guy talking to his best buddy….

Peter: I was hospitalized a week before, severe stomach pain and respiratory problem.

Bob: Dude! What’s wrong with u? Are u not keeping well?

Peter: Donno. Doctor warned me to quit smoking and consuming alcohol.

Bob: I was saying this from past 5 years. U have always ignored my words…………

After an year, Peter who was totally addicted to those damn shit stuff and was no more in this world…..

Guys who are reading my post, might feel what I have mentioned is a routine matter which we come across in our day to day life happening to lots of people around us. Yup, I do agree. Smoking and boozing have become a prenominal stunt in our lives. But have any of u ever thought about the adverse effects it can cause to a person? Your ultimate and most predicted response would be decrease of life span. Absolutely correct. !!!!

No one can ever think much beyond that. That’s ok if a person dies. He is blamed for his stupid deed. But what is the condition of people who care, love and shower affection for them? What about those who cant live without them? What about those who dreamt a wonderful life journey only with them? What about those who are dependent on them? What about those where the only reason for them to live in this beautiful world is them?

What is the condition of these people after the death of their beloved ones???

Drunkards never think. Smokers never evaluate all this. Everyone knows what devastation it can cause to their body. But none at least try to know the impact of it on their loved ones. 

Do realize the importance of those whose smile glorifies when u r with them. Who were with you at your worst and who would love to watch u at your best. Your life will be so wonderful with them. Just think! Is it a right deed to leave them abruptly in this world where u don’t exist.

Consider this as a humble request from ur well wishers…… “Stop smoking and Consuming alcohol. It might destroy u physically, but it surely hurts Your dear ones a million folds greater than that physical pain of your’s…….“ 


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The most sensitive issue that is haunting all Indians is the BABRI MASJID’S matter. The only question is “should there be a temple or masjid constructed at that place?” Since 1990’s there are communal conflicts between people of two different religions, who are trying to occupy Ayodhya (a city in India which was the birth place of Hindu God Lord RAMA). This bloodshed is like a dark shadow which had eclipsed the humanity of the narrow minded people.

India is a democratic country. People of different religions live here. Our constitution says right to equality. So whom do u think has right to live in India? Is it a MUSLIM or HINDU? Are we going against our constitution? Are we violating the rules? Is this what we need to do? People in India have lot many problems to be solved. Poverty, corrupted politics, female infanticide, dowry harassment, ragging, malnutrition, lack of minimum sanitary facilities in villages and many more. Why don’t people try to take an initiative in improving the condition of India???

These communal riots destroy the integrity of people in a country. We people have created these religions which are prevailing as an unbreakable wall between us. We have become literate stupids in not respecting our fellow humans. The major thing which discriminates us humans from animals is the knowledge of distinguishing right and wrong. Many innocent people are dying due to these riots. Let that place have either MASJID or MANDIR or BOTH.

What most matters is “we all are Indians”. Our country is known for unity in diversity. Let us all make India a respected nation among the word nations. Don’t try to demolish its valuable culture for the sake of such low graded thinking. It is seriously of no use clashing for God. Its better if people accept the fact that God is one. There is no religion which separates humans from one another. Establish peace and pray for a united India.

We are Indians first. Why to fight for MANDIR or MASJID????





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Female Infanticide :(


That was on Saturday night at 9.30 pm, Hyderabad, India. I was watching a case study of 30 valuable minutes telecasted by one of the most popular news channel about FEMALE INFANTICIDE. This is the worse thing happening in India and china. I couldn’t control my tears when I was hearing all those dreadful facts about this. I felt blog as the best platform to drop my feelings and opinion about this maternal mortality…….

Some breathe taking facts about India and china in this issue:

1)      50 million girls and women are missing in India’s population as a result of systematic sex discrimination.

2)      There have been some accusations that infanticide occurs in the People’s Republic of China due to the one-child policy. In the 1990s, a certain stretch of the Yangtze River was known to be a common site of infanticide by drowning, until government projects made access to it more difficult. Others assert that China has twenty-five million fewer girl children than expected, but sex selective abortion can partially be to blame. The illegal use of ultrasound is widespread in China, and itinerant sonographers with plain vans in parking lots offer inexpensive sonographs to determine the sex of a fetus. Recent studies suggest that over 40 million girls and women are ‘missing’ in China.

3)      The Indian Medical Association estimates that five million female foetuses are aborted each year. As a result, the sex ratio in the 0 to 6 age group in some northern areas (where the craze for boys is at its worst) is amazingly skewed: 793 females for every 1,000 boys. In some areas it is 754, and in parts of Punjab and Haryana, the figure is about 600.

4)      In 2005, 90 million women were estimated to be “missing” in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan, South Korea and Taiwan alone, possibly due to sex-selective abortion.


Let me first jot the points which lead to this situation……..


  • Poverty is the major root cause of this problem. People who are poor cant afford female child as they have to raise them, feed them, get them      married and give lots and huge amounts as dowry (as in Indian tradition).
  • People who can’t  afford their livelihood, prefer male child as they are more strong      physically than females and can help their parents in earning money by doing all possible sorts of labor work.
  • Now comes the damn love inclination towards male child by in-laws and even sometimes      parents. They abort the child at fetus stage which is more disgusting. Being a female themselves, both mother and mother in-law execute such a shameless step of killing a baby girl.
  • In much worse cases they abandon the baby girl after the birth in the hospital or in a      place where none can trace out the presence of child.
  • Male children are more desirable since they provide security for the elderly, work and are important for the performance of ancestral rites.

So they feel “males more profitable than females”.

The above mentioned are very few incidences for this criminal act of people.

Few questions pop up in my mind……

Why is this kind of gender difference still existing?

Why is that only male child important to parents?

Doesn’t female love their parents as male does?

Don’t females have right to survive in this world?

Is earth a domain only for males?


Even the fetus has life. It cries and pleads their parents not to kill it and let it live. Let even it come in to this wonderful world. Let it enjoy as we guys are enjoying on earth.  No religion ever says to abort female child. No god encourages such an ignorant practice. Just imagine earth without females? Is it possible for males to survive?

Nature needs balance. Both males and females are equally important in this biosphere.

I heart fully thank my parents who love me, encourage and thankfully never showed any sort of gender discrimination between me and my brother. I should even make a point to say about my brother who loves and respects me lots…. 🙂 



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