Day out :)


After a very long gap of an year, we had outing filled with joy and fun… 🙂 This time it was not for 12 hrs, but a drastic cut short to 6hrs.  Had many games, dazzling dances, amazing songs sung by folks (which i haven’t took part in any) and finally followed by delicious dinner 😉  All together, it was a perfect day out which i was longing since many a days… 🙂 🙂 🙂


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Twenty-Twelve :)


2011 was not that bad neither too good. Many new relations had sprouted, explored new places, bought many stuff, hanged out with friends and enjoyed life to fullest. At the same time, had misunderstandings with my closest buddies. Unknowingly a dark layer of attitude and ego have coated our “friendship” 😦 Apart from personal life, professionally I had become very busy with office work 😦 Couldn’t even post much in blog. I wish this new year brings loads of luck in my life as well as for my friends. It would be charming and much more exciting then the year before 🙂 🙂 🙂


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RIP kunal :(


It’s truly unbelievable 😦 Never imagined I would witness this day. Sudden death of a dear friend would pinch you very badly. Life is all about expecting the unexpected. Kunal was so jovial and good at heart. Sudden heart stroke has expelled him from this world of ours 😦 I am unable to put more than this 😦 Rest in peace Kunal. My heart filled condolences to his family. 😦


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My Birthday – 2011 :)


This birthday as usual was lovely and full of surprises…. 🙂 Got wonderful gifts (Watch and Goggles). Thanks one and all for ur greetings. It added fabulous flavors to my day.  🙂 🙂 🙂 Not to forget that yummy cake which was really awesome 🙂



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Feel of freshness :)


Those were the days,

Which were exotic.

Delighted to know the plebeians,

Who are truly deific 🙂

Had been inured,

At one season of my life.

Totally mystified,

And at Strife 😦

Days in calendar regenerated,

Which Repelled off dark memories.

Finally relieved,

And High on swings 🙂

Feeling of freshness

Has showered again.

Warding off awful individuals,

Who are totally insane.

I obligate those

Who stood by me.

They are only masses

Who never ever disown me 🙂 🙂 🙂


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1st Sunday of august :)


When you are at despair,

They soothe you.

When you are companionless,

They are with you.

When you are abased,

They hold by you.

When you are embarrassed,

They make fun of you.

At your triumph,

They rejoice with you.

They clutch you,

When the rest abandon you.

“THEY” are god’s most wonderful gifts

Called “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” 🙂 🙂 🙂



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Happy B’day My dear Binnu….. :) :) :)


Sometimes i bug u,

I love doing so.

Sometimes I strike u,

I enjoy doing so.

Sometimes I grouch at u,

it hurts me more than ur imagination.

Sometimes when I find u shattered,

My heart sheds invisible tears.

There is inexpressible love for u,

And the best part of my life is (Binnu) “U”…. 🙂 

Wish u lot many wonderful and happy years ahead….   🙂

No matter where ever I am,

How distant I am,

How busy I am,

U persist in my heart as a very special person ….. 🙂 🙂 🙂



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Cute and Lovely Dolls…. :) :) :)


I was awaiting for my wonderful gifts since long time… 🙂 Finally it was worth waiting. Got 2 beautiful Dolls from my sis Brandy. 🙂

One is Dark with Black hair. It has baby pink and white color Crocheted Nylon Dress. On the contrary, the other one is Blonde. It was dressed up in Red and Black combination. Those were so cute and awesome. 🙂

My sis made it with lots of love. 🙂 She has invested her valuable time for crocheting. 🙂

Thanks sis… will keep those with me forever.. 🙂

Love ya lots… 🙂 🙂 🙂



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Do realize the importance of LIFE…….

A guy talking to his best buddy….

Peter: I was hospitalized a week before, severe stomach pain and respiratory problem.

Bob: Dude! What’s wrong with u? Are u not keeping well?

Peter: Donno. Doctor warned me to quit smoking and consuming alcohol.

Bob: I was saying this from past 5 years. U have always ignored my words…………

After an year, Peter who was totally addicted to those damn shit stuff and was no more in this world…..

Guys who are reading my post, might feel what I have mentioned is a routine matter which we come across in our day to day life happening to lots of people around us. Yup, I do agree. Smoking and boozing have become a prenominal stunt in our lives. But have any of u ever thought about the adverse effects it can cause to a person? Your ultimate and most predicted response would be decrease of life span. Absolutely correct. !!!!

No one can ever think much beyond that. That’s ok if a person dies. He is blamed for his stupid deed. But what is the condition of people who care, love and shower affection for them? What about those who cant live without them? What about those who dreamt a wonderful life journey only with them? What about those who are dependent on them? What about those where the only reason for them to live in this beautiful world is them?

What is the condition of these people after the death of their beloved ones???

Drunkards never think. Smokers never evaluate all this. Everyone knows what devastation it can cause to their body. But none at least try to know the impact of it on their loved ones. 

Do realize the importance of those whose smile glorifies when u r with them. Who were with you at your worst and who would love to watch u at your best. Your life will be so wonderful with them. Just think! Is it a right deed to leave them abruptly in this world where u don’t exist.

Consider this as a humble request from ur well wishers…… “Stop smoking and Consuming alcohol. It might destroy u physically, but it surely hurts Your dear ones a million folds greater than that physical pain of your’s…….“ 


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Memorable day… 5th of April 2010 :)

It’s been almost a year since we know each other. I hate few things. Blog is an instance in that lengthy list.

One heartbroken day, I was going through posts published by various people in word press. I haven’t read any post completely neither was I interested in those damn things of others. But one post dragged my attention and made me read it completely and other posts of that person as well. The writer was an absolute alien for me. I neither knew the age nor sex or even to which part of the world the unknown dwells from.

5th of April was the day when I commented for few posts of “Brandy Douthit”. Got an instant reply for my comment. The very next day, i found a mail in my inbox from Brandy. This was unexpected. I opened it with not knowing what was hidden in that. It was all about clarifying my comments. Almost daily I received her mails. I was infact very anxious about her mails which popped up every day. We got to know each other well in very short duration. 🙂

She is my strength in every aspect. She considers me as her sis and I am glad to have her in my life. Blog was never my hobby nor interest. It kicked off with no reason. Word press and a personare indirectly responsible for me to come across her in my way.

I bow down before god for blessing me with such a loving and caring sis. Its destiny which brings people together. I am lucky to still have her in my life. Crossing fingers for plenty more years of this relation…. 🙂 🙂

Cheers to “US” sis…Bunches of love….. 🙂

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